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About Us

Precise Business Group, Inc. is an innovative company that is committed to assisting your journey to Redefining Success.

The founder of the company is a third generation contractor turn entrepreneur, which has been operating a successful business since 1997. With extensive experience as a general contractor, he is able to take on any size project and deliver with quality. The founder also has been fortunate to have over 7 years experience as a building inspector for two different localities. His experience also includes home inspections for various lenders, realtors and home buyers for the past 10 years. Lead base paint risk assessments and inspections. He has managed several renovation projects in Maryland, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, Richmond and Atlanta, Georgia.

Even though the industry has been changing, we still believe in quality work and respecting the trade. With these ethics in place we have expanded to Precise Business Group, Inc. (distinguish from others).

We focus on business ethics and principles in the real estate industry. We offer services that will provide education, comfort, and new insight to every facet of real estate.

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